Are you Getting married? Consider this points before getting married?

Some tips for you in topic related to marriage.

Are you Getting married? Consider this points before getting married?

The wedding season is coming. Some may have planned to get married this month. Marriage is an important turning point in life. This is where the next chapter of life begins. Therefore, marriage should not be taken as normal. Before marriage, you have to pay attention to some things that do not create any tension or misunderstanding in married life.

Let's understand each other

Often, each other's feelings, habits, behavior, desires are not understood before marriage. After marriage, you have to understand each other. Because all may not be as well as we think. The partner may not be as full of qualities as we think. You have to understand what your partner wants, what makes you happy, what you are unhappy about, what behavior you like.

Don't make unilateral decisions

As before marriage, you used to decide alone but after marriage decisions should be taken into partners consideration as well. Some things should be accepted by the partner, some decisons shoule be convinced by partner as well sometimes your decision may not sound interesting to your partner. Such habits can lead to misunderstandings in married life.

Talk of virginity

Men often think that their bride is a virgin or should be virgin. It is human nature to have such a desire, which cannot be considered unnatural. However, it is not good to create hatred towards the partner by focusing on the same thing. This leads to distrust and hatred in married life. It is also important to understand that the way we think and test about virginity may not be correct.


There may be a plan to have children immediately after marriage. It is good to have children only after the marital life has taken a rhythm. However, some people may have unwanted pregnancies immediately after marriage. This creates tension in the couple. It can also lead to an abortion. Therefore, before marriage, it should be clear about the preventive means and their usefulness. Because all these tools may not be reliable, some may be harmful.

Respect for family culture

Each family has its own culture and conduct. We should be able to accept and embrace the things that we have been embracing for years. Now the practice of inter-caste, inter-country marriages is increasing. It brings two different cultures together. Therefore, it is good for both of them to assimilate each other's traditions and culture.

Economic austerity

Marriage carries a huge financial burden on the family. There is a lot of expenditure on wedding preparations, fun, feasts, clothes, transportation, etc. Therefore, after marriage, your family may be in financial crisis in a way. In such a situation, it is better for the bride and groom to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Whether it is in the kitchen or shopping, you have to adopt financial austerity.

Don't compare between families

Both the bride and the groom may not have the same family background. Financially, some may be strong and some may be weak. In such a situation, the partner should be aware that the ego of wealth and arrogance should not be seen in him. Because when there is an attempt to humiliate the partner by threatening his wealth, the relationship weakens.