You are going to get married. What do you look after? Beauty or Quality

You are going to get married. What do you look after? Beauty or Quality
You are going to get married. What do you look after? Beauty or Quality

The answer if definately Quality is better than face. 

However, when it comes to marriage, there is a discussion before the quality. Anyone who wants to make a person with a beautiful face and an attractive tongue wants to be their life partner. But after marriage, her qualities and demerits matter more than that physical beauty.

So can a marriage be broken if your partner is not beautiful? Victims says that Once married, the subject of beauty becomes secondary, and you can't break marriage.

What is attraction?

The word 'attraction' can be defined in many ways. Some people resort to biology for this. Some value ideological-emotional similarity, while others look for qualities in their partner that they don't have.

The biological theory states that nature (hormones or feelings of love) works in the selection of a partner. While the practical notion believes that the seeds of who get married in the future are sown in childhood.

People want to see in a partner the qualities that their parents get. Fathers are ideal for girls, while boys are influenced by their mothers. There are many cases of marriage progressing smoothly without any attraction. There are many socio-economic and moral grounds behind this.

There is no 'incompatible pair'

Some couples are called 'perfect couples' in their circle, while some couples are tagged 'mismatched'. What kind of couple do you call incompatible? It has no standard.

The relationship is based on contact, communication and acceptance between partners.

Generally speaking, it is only after spending some time together that the real nature of husband and wife begins to appear. Retention of 'mismatched' when one cannot accept their partner on mental, physical, emotional or financial grounds.

Beauty lies in the eye of Behloder.

The eyes of the drowned couples of love look for qualities in each other. In real life, so-called 'mismatched couples' are rarely seen because every person wants a suitable partner for himself. No one can be judged by looking at the face.

According to a survey conducted by a matrimonial website a few years ago, 33 percent of men and 43 percent of women said that they were not initially attracted to the prime minister or the person they married, but gradually the attraction increased. In fact, beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder.

The definition changes

In the context of Nepali society, it is believed that the wife should look more beautiful than the husband. According to traditional thinking, a man's earnings and a woman's beauty are important.

According to a report published in Psychological Science last year, having an attractive personality does not bring satisfaction to the relationship. Even if both husband and wife are beautiful, the relationship cannot be guaranteed to be durable and cordial. This is indicative of the increasing tendency of celebrities to break up.