Matching of emotions, words , feelings are more important that Kundali. What do you say?

Matching of  emotions, words , feelings are more important that Kundali. What do you say?

Both love and arrange marriage have their own strengths and weaknesses. But if both boy and girl can understand each other's respect, aspirations and love, then it doesn't matter how they marry, it will be long-lasting. Sociologist Pushpa Rai Magi says that because arrange marriage is done with the approval of the family, it directly gets social legitimacy.  The  consent of the boy and the girl is  main factor thats why the role of family is less in love marriage. 

Psychologist Dhakal says, "Women and men are different gender." So, their behavior, nature and character do not match. If we can manage all these things, the life of both arrange marriage and love marriage will be long. Society, family, religion and culture also have a direct impact on married life. Sociologist Rai says that in the beginning, the emotional relationship is difficult in the couple who get married. In a love marriage, it is relatively easy because you already know each other's habits and thoughts.

Rai argues that it will be easier because love marriage is free. But in Arrange marriage there is a fear where social prestige, family values and ideals may get harmed. But love marriage is free," he says, "because it is free, it does not take time for those who marry for love to get divorced."Psychologist Gopal Dhakal says that love marriages are more responsible because they start by being close to each other. He says that since Arranged marriage is done through a third person (lami), things like education, beauty and temperament will be given priority.

According to Dhakal, there seems to be more conflict in love marriages than in arranged marriages. When the behavior during the love relationship changes after marriage, the rift starts to appear between the couple. thats why, love marriages need to be more sensible he says that geography, culture, language and tradition also affect marriage. Even though these things looks simple but it brings a kind of coldness in the relationship.

Similarly, in arranged marriages, it is difficult for women to adapt to a new household, new environment and behavior. Psychologist Dhakal says that even if the husband or wife does not understand their growing aspirations, family problems are increasing. He suggests that appreciation of each other's feelings, respect and cooperation are essential parts for a married couple.In Arranged marriage, love grows gradually and it takes time to understand each other. But as love this process has been already occured so the difficulty is reduced. Dhakal says, "When getting married, you should match your feelings rather than match your Kundali."

If there is any problem between the married couple in arranged marriage, the families from both sides help to solve it. Sociologist Rai also says that if there is any disagreement between a married couple in love marriage then the family members leave them saying, 'Solve your problems yourself'.

Rai believes that the patriarchal society also has a lot of influence on married life. Sociologist Rai argues that the practice of worshiping the husband like a god, not interrupting him, and staying small has made marriage unhealthy.

Even though women have progressed a lot now, in a country like Nepal, the husband has to support his wife more. Understanding people is very complicated. After falling in love and getting married, you can understand each other better. Love relationship is an important topic to understand each other.

Psychologist Dhakal says that marital status can also be changed by physical relationship status. He suggests that married life will be happy if sex is conducted in a disciplined manner. Similarly, mutual understanding, respect, discipline and honesty are the formulas of a successful married life.

Psychologist Dhakal says, "Women and men are different sexes." Their behavior, nature and character do not match. By managing all these things, the life of both marriage and love will be long. Relationships connected by feelings, not selfishness, bring positive results in life.