Girl Residing at Nepal searching for Life partner.

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Girl Residing at Nepal searching for Life partner.

I am searching for life partner at BIHEBARI Secretly. 

About Me: I am a girl born on April 20, 1993, with the Baista gotra and belonging to the jaisi Brahmin caste. Currently residing in Nepal, I embrace the Pisces horoscope. With a passion for travel and movies, I stand at 5 feet tall. Engaged in private officer in Nepal, I share my journey with one brother and three sisters, making us a family of seven. While our home is in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we have our residence. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, exploring new places, and staying active through various hobbies and interests.

What I'm Looking For: I am searching for a life partner. Ideally, he should be residing in the aborad USA, Australia, America  aged 32 or around that, with a minimum of a master's degree or bachelors degree. I prefer someone who does not smoke or drink and is interested in pursuing business ventures in abroad. 

I have provided and explained my preferences and requiremnts to Bihebari. Please contact Bihebari For More Details and photos. In order to save my time Bihebari Will filter for me. If you fall under what i am looking and searching for then of course Our connection will be made via BIHEBARI. Thank you!!!

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