Divorced Girl residing in Australia is Searching Life partner in Australia (BB16098)

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Divorced Girl residing in Australia is Searching Life partner in Australia (BB16098)

About Me: I am a divorced girl living in Australia. I have been here for more than 3 years. I am Brahmin by Castes. 

My preference: I am searching for somone who is loyal, loving, caring and supporting as well. In seeking a life partner, I prioritize compatibility, trustworthiness, effective communication, supportiveness, a sense of humor, emotional intelligence, mutual respect, shared values, ambition, drive, physical attraction, and chemistry. Compatibility lays the foundation for a fulfilling relationship, built upon honesty, dependability, and trust. Effective communication fosters intimacy, while supportiveness ensures unwavering encouragement through life's challenges. A sense of humor adds vibrancy, while emotional intelligence fosters understanding. Mutual respect and shared values create alignment, while ambition and drive fuel personal growth. Physical attraction and chemistry deepen our connection. Ultimately, I seek a life partner who enriches my life, embodying love, trust, and mutual respect.

My details are below

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Gender Female
Date of Birth 03 Jan, 1992
Birth Time 08:30 AM
Caste Jaisi Brahmin
Horscope | Rashi Cancer
Birth Location Ktm
Gotra Vardaj
Marital Status Divorce
Total Children 0
Status Children Not With me
Vegetarian No
Mom's Surname dhungana
About Me I live in Australia. Malae chahi Australia ma vako man khojeko ho malae suhauni umerko thank you.
Height 5ft
Weight 57 Kg
Skin Tone Wheatish
Country Nepal
State Bagmati
District Kathmandu
City Kalanki
Residence Status Kalanki
Education Bachelors
Occupation Student
Monthaly Income 10000-50000
Education Name Childcare
Employee In Private
Designation AIN
Father's Occupation Nothing
Mother's Occupation Nothings
No Of Unmarried Sister 1
No Of Married Sister 4
No Of Unmarried Brother 0
No Of Married Brother 0
Looking For Divorce, Unmarried

I have provided and explained my preferences and requiremnts to Bihebari. Please contact Bihebari For More Details and photos. In order to save my time Bihebari Will filter for me. If you fall under what i am looking and searching for then of course Our connection will be made via BIHEBARI. Thank you!!!

Plz Contact Bihebari

Viber, What's App: +977801039199

Call: +977-1-5705416

Thank you!!!